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Dax Harwood Open To Trios Competition, But FTR Hasn’t Peaked As A Duo Yet

Dax Harwood is open to FTR expanding to trios’ competition down the line.

Upon their on-screen return, FTR set their sights on reclaiming the AEW Tag Team Championships. But that doesn’t mean the gateway to singles, or even trios, competition is necessarily closed. In a recent episode of FTR With Dax Harwood, Harwood discussed the possibility of entering the six-man tag team realm. While he’s open to the idea, Harwood wants to keep elevating Cash Wheeler and himself as a tandem right now.


“Right now, I feel that we still haven’t reached our peak as far as characters go for FTR,” Harwood said. “Right now we need to put the foot on the gas for us, and see what we can do, see where we can go. I think we need to grow that. Then once we grow our brand, where we were looked in a light of main event level talent, then we could branch off into a six-man tag. But right now, my focus is on Cash & I, what we can do to better ourselves, better our position on the card. Wherever we decide to go better our lives, but also better our stock too, and how we’re presented, how we can present ourselves.”

Harwood continued, pitching the idea for each of them to temporarily branch off for singles competition as well. “If we take advantage of that opportunity, and that momentum, and FTR reaches a peak and reaches the zenith of tag team wrestling, then after that’s over, then maybe we could hypothetically, branch off and do a couple of singles things too, and then grow that way,” he said.

“I’m not saying we would leave each other or break up because that would never happen. Never, never, never will that happen. We’ll never break up at all. But once we reach a certain point in tag team wrestling like Arn [Anderson] and Tully [Blanchard] did — they were pulled away from each other every once in a while and put in singles feuds …. so I feel that Cash and I if we hit that point in the tag team division, where we’re looked at as main event level talent, then we could branch off and do single stuff.”

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