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Christopher Daniels Will Keep Wrestling As Long As His Spirit Remains Strong

Christopher Daniels wrestles each match like it’s his last, but he’s not done by any means.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard spoke with Christopher Daniels ahead of his appearance in the Lucha Libre World Cup, airing live on FITE on March 19. Daniels represents Team United States, and he will step into the ring alongside Johnny Caballero (John Hennigan/Morrison) and Sam Adonis.

Christopher Daniels spoke about having a great amount of pride in being selected for the tournament, noting that his team looks to be a formidable one.

“I am proud to have been chosen to represent the United States. I feel like AAA has the opportunity as one of the top wrestling promotions in Mexico to pick any three Americans it wants to represent the United States,” Daniels explained, “and for me to be chosen out of such a wide array of possibilities, is an honor. I’ll definitely take that seriously when I step into the ring. And to step into the ring with Johnny Caballero and Sam Adonis by my side, I feel like it’s a very eclectic mix. But with our experiences, I feel like we’re a very strong team in this entire tournament.”

The 2023 World Baseball Classic is currently a topic of discussion about players feeling a great sense of pride in representing their respective counties. Daniels said that while the players might pick where they play (based on their heritage), AAA chose the teams for the Lucha Libre World Cup and that’s something he’s not taking lightly.

“AAA picked the participants, chose the teams, and like I said, to be chosen by such an illustrious group for this tournament,” Daniels explained, “they’ve seen countless American wrestlers come through AAA, countless great wrestlers. And to be chosen as a representative of the United States this year, that means something to me. We’ve got big shoes to fill, but I feel the three of us, with our experience, our varied experiences between the three of us, I feel like we’re a very strong team in this.”

Opportunity Knocks

There are many notable names in the tournament like Hijo del Vikingo, Pentagon Jr. and Josh Alexander, and they represent wrestling “strongholds” like Mexico and Canada. The Middle East wrestling scene has grown in recent years, and this year’s Cup will feature Rage and Classy Ali of Qatar and Bhupinder Gujjar of India as a team. Christopher Daniels agreed that this year’s event could also be a good opportunity for them to improve their resume and elevate their country’s profile.

“Very possible. These opportunities, when they come to wrestlers that don’t have the spotlight on them like I’ve been fortunate to have over my career, or John, or Vikingo, Josh Alexander, those people that you mentioned,” Daniels noted, “these are opportunities to sort of show out and to represent. The best wrestlers in the world, when they get these opportunities, those are the ones that make that impact, and they can make their name in one evening.

“That sort of thing happened to me the very first time I wrestled in the Super 8. Not a lot of people knew who I was, [but] after those matches, people started to pay attention. So this is an opportunity for those gentlemen,” he added. “It’s their opportunity to sort of surprise everybody. If they take it, it’s up to them. It’s being handed to them, that chance.”

Strong (Spirit) Style

While some of the wrestlers competing in the tournament are on the rise in their career, Christopher Daniels isn’t shy about admitting being closer to the end in his own run.

“Even if this is halfway — which it isn’t — but if this was halfway, I’m on the second half,” Daniels said. “I’m at the tail end, I’m aware enough.”

Daniels said he goes into every match working like it could be his last, and Sunday will be no different.

“It could be my last match Sunday. It could be my last one, and I understand that. Part of the challenge now is to wrestle like it could be my last match. My spirit is willing and sometimes my flesh is weak,” he said. “As long as my spirit is strong, I’m gonna keep doing this as long as I can, and I don’t think this is the last time that I’ll get an opportunity to work for AAA. I have a good relationship with the company itself, and I look forward to Sunday and see what happens. After we win, anything is possible.

The Lucha Libre World Cup airs live on FITE on Sunday, March 19 starting at 6 p.m. EST. Check out our full interview with Christopher Daniels below: