Photo Credit: WWE

Gunther Calls WrestleMania Triple Threat Match A ‘Disgrace’

After Gunther‘s WrestleMania 39 match was turned into a Triple Threat Match last night, the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion called the proceedings a disgrace.

In a backstage interview following the March 17 episode of WWE SmackDown, Gunther said that turning his title match into a Triple Threat Match was “a disgrace,” and that the move was Adam Pearce “covering up his own fault.” Despite that, though, Gunther says he’s still pretty confident he can beat both Sheamus and Drew McIntyre in a match.

“I’ll tell you this,” Gunther said. “I’ve beaten Sheamus before, twice. So can I beat Drew McIntyre. And come WrestleMania, they will understand what it means when we say the mat is sacred.”

On the March 17 episode of WWE SmackDownDrew McIntyre faced Sheamus in a singles match to determine Gunther’s opponent at WrestleMania 39. In the closing moments, Gunther, who had been at ringside, entered the ring in order to stop the referee from counting McIntyre and Sheamus out, as both men were down. “The Ring General” yelled at the prospective contenders, and his Imperium stablemates Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser attacked the duo from behind.

WWE official Adam Pearce then announced that Gunther would defend the title against both McIntyre and Sheamus at WrestleMania 39.