Delmi Exo
Photo Credit: MLW

Delmi Exo Inspired By Minoru Suzuki And Rick Boogs For New Moniker

Delmi Exo is all about being in the right mindset.

In an interview with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, Delmi Exo shared how she came up with her new “God Queen” moniker.

“During the pandemic, I got into [Minoru] Suzuki and Bruiser Brody. Rip [Byson], my partner is a huge fan of Bruiser Brody, as a lot of people probably know. So I just started watching those matches, and something that they called them was ‘God King.’ That just sounded so cool to me. It was like, ‘Woah, that’s next level.’ That kind of was a subconscious thought, and then post-car accident in January, I knew I wanted to come back into wrestling and have my own singles run.

“I didn’t want to do something that would be so similar to Sea Stars [the name of her team with Ashley Vox], and if I just stayed with one of the boys, then people wouldn’t distinguish it. So I knew I had to be a heel, like a villain character, because if I just came back, I would be the happy-go-lucky Sea Star. So I needed something that sounded aggressive, confident, and like, ‘This is me.’ I remembered ‘God King,’ and I was like, let me just feminize it, and so I started running with that. At first, a lot of people were like, ‘What does that even mean?’”

Asked how she interprets that mindset, Delmi Exo cited Eric Bugenhagen (aka WWE’s Rick Boogs) for inspiring how she explains that level of confidence.

“I feel like Eric Bugenhagen, I’m a huge fan of his YouTube videos. He does a lot of workout videos, and he’s always like, ‘It’s a mindset!’ So I started just saying that. ‘God Queen. It’s a mindset.’ It’s not it’s someone if someone were to do like a god character, like they’re from the heavens. It’s not like if someone were to do a queen gimmick. I’m just like, ‘No, I’m just a badass, and I’m confident. It’s a mindset, like I’m the number one.”

Check out our full interview with Delmi Exo below: