Steve Austin WWE WrestleMania 38
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Steve Austin: WWE RAW Was Like Therapy For Me

Steve Austin was lucky to be part of so many great moments during his career that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Speaking with The Wrestling Classic, Steve Austin was asked if he could pick his favorite moment from the Attitude Era. Austin said it was hard to narrow it down to one, but compared being at work to going to therapy sessions.

“It’s hard. A lot of the times, I would tell people, when you’re dragged out on the road, sometimes, living this life, it’s a hard life. We had good times, bad times, just like anybody else, but you’re on the road. So a lot of the time, when I went to Monday Night RAW, it was like going to therapy for me,” Austin said. “So when I heard, ‘Hey man, you’re doing this. You’re tearing this up. You’re tearing that up.’ I specialize in tearing things up. It was like therapy for me. So there were so many great moments, and I remember them all.

“But to just to pick one single favorite, it’s hard. I am proud, I love the Zamboni. Run off the top of it… hit a clothesline. But I also loved driving a cement truck because that wasn’t a traditional cement truck. I had to bowl down all those gates, hit the lever, and then it had to be a mark to hit. It was on live TV, so there was no room for error. The cherry on top was when we planned that out,” Austin explained, “we never knew that passenger side window was gonna blow like it did. When it did, it was kind of the thing that set it over the top. It was like the exclamation point.”

Austin also cited the infamous supermarket fight with Booker T as another favorite, noting that WWE put him in great situations that propelled his career.

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