Roman Reigns WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns References Cody Rhodes’ AEW Exit On 3/20 WWE RAW

Roman Reigns dug deep when he came face-to-face with Cody Rhodes on the March 20 episode of WWE RAW.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and Rhodes headlined the show with a buzzworthy face-off with their match at WrestleMania 39 less than two weeks away. Reigns targeted Rhodes past and brought up the way he “ran away” from WWE when he didn’t want to do the Stardust gimmick. He then stated that Rhodes started a promotion where he couldn’t get over, and he ran away. “The Head of the Table” admitted that Rhodes got over once he came back to WWE, but his body gave out, so he clearly wasn’t built for superstardom.

Rhodes agreed with Reigns by saying that he did run away from WWE, as the industry broke his heart. He stated that what he did during his time away helped countless wrestlers in various locker rooms by ensuring they could make more money. Rhodes turned the tables and told Reigns that he’ll be left all alone after he loses at WrestleMania 39, as everyone in The Bloodline will cut ties with him. RAW ended with a confrontation between Rhodes and Solo Sikoa, and Reigns held Sikoa back so he wouldn’t attack “The American Nightmare.”