WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (3/21/23)

WWE NXT Results

March 21, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Pretty Deadly

Prince and Wilson say as the host of NXT Stand and Deliver, they are wiping the footage of Gallus cheating to beat them from the record. They are also getting rid of the footage of Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes, putting them through tables. Wilson says if it were up to them, Breakker and Hayes wouldn’t even make it to Stand and Deliver. Hayes and Trick Williams interrupt. Williams challenges them to a match. Pretty Deadly accepts, but Williams says Hayes’ partner is going to be Breakker. Pretty Deadly attacks Hayes and Williams. Breakker makes the save. Breakker helps Hayes up and tells him he doesn’t want ANYTHING to happen to Hayes before their match.

Backstage, Hayes is upset Williams has him teaming with Breakker tonight. Williams responds that he always has Hayes’ back, and they need to know how Breakker moves in the ring.

NXT Women’s Championship Ladder Match Qualifying Match: Indi Hartwell vs. Tiffany Stratton

After an even contest, Stratton drives Hartwell’s head into the top turnbuckle. Rolling senton followed by a pop-up moonsault for the win for Stratton.

Winner- Tiffany Stratton

Earlier today, The Creeds, Tony D’angelo, and Stacks challenged Gallus to a title match at Stand and Deliver.

Backstage, Gigi Dolan says she will win the ladder match for the women’s title. Stratton walks in and says she doesn’t have a chance now that she is the match.

Backstage, Fallon Henley questions Kiana James about who Sebastion is. James acts like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Henley says she is going to tell Jensen James is cheating on him. James begs Henley to leave it alone.

In-Ring Segment: Wes Lee

Lee says people keep asking him why he keeps doing open challenges. He does them because he wants to give people the same opportunity he was given. He has four spots to pick his challengers at Stand and Deliver. Dragon Lee interrupts. Lee wants to be in the match. JD McDonagh joins the fray, and he wants in as well. Ilja Dragonuv’s music hits. Dragonuv wants to get his hands on McDonagh now.

Ilja Dragonuv vs. JD McDonagh

McDonagh and Dragonuv tear into each other with strike after strike. McDonagh trips Dragonuv and hits a corkscrew press. McDonagh works over Dragonuv. Dragonuv lands multiple German suplexes. Constantine’s Special by Dragonuv. After the break, Dragonuv and McDonagh trade stiff shots. Modified wrist clutch suplex by Dragonuv. McDonagh sends Dragonuv into the top rope, throat first. Powerbomb by McDonagh. Dragonuv kicks out.

Multiple German suplexes by McDonagh. Dragonuv pops up to his feet and misses a clothesline. German suplex by McDonagh. Dragonuv gets back up and kicks McDonagh in the head. Dragonuv tries the Torpedo, but McDonagh counters with a rear naked choke. McDonagh tries to lock in the twister, but Dragonuv blocks it. The fight spills out of the ring. McDonagh sends Dragonuv into Dragon Lee. Every one starts to fight. The referee calls for the bell.

No contest

After the match, Wes Lee dives over the top rope onto everyone.

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Backstage, Breakker and Hayes agree to work together.

Backstage, Wes Lee says McDonagh, Dragon Lee, and Dragonuv are in the match at Stand and Deliver. Axiom walks in and asks for the last spot. Lee says the only fair way to do it is to have a battle royal next week.

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