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Trish Stratus Comments On Potentially Staying In WWE Past WrestleMania

Trish Stratus has to weigh her options when it comes to working past WrestleMania.

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is coming out of retirement at WrestleMania 39 for a “generational” six-woman tag team match. Her return has stirred up chatter about a potential storyline beyond “The Show of Shows,” but the 47-year-old still has kids at home that are in school. Stratus recently spoke to Bob Kapur of Slam Wrestling regarding a potential extended stay in WWE.

“When I’m asked to do something, I like to check the boxes on a few things. Is it fun for me? Is it creatively fulfilling? Is it supporting the business, the industry in a way? I think this storyline checks all those boxes,” Stratus said. “But then I have to look at my home life. When I got asked to do this [match], I had a five-week build-up, and [my kids’] March break was right in the middle of it. So that was fun. In those five weeks, I have to do [the TV shows], train, and then go home and put on the mom hat. And it can take a toll.”

Stratus explained that on paper, her schedule has her on the road Sunday through Tuesday. But then she has to factor in red-eye flights, unpredictable weather, and autograph signings, all oof which can keep her away from home for five days or more.

“So I said, first let’s get to WrestleMania and let’s have fun, let’s have a killer match and get people talking,” Stratus stated. “After that, I don’t know who needs me more: the kids or WWE. We’ll see what happens.”

Meanwhile, Stratus is being featured on the second season of Canada’s Got Talent as a panel judge alongside Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, and Kardinal Offishall. She also teased having “other projects” in the works that she can’t discuss yet, but promises “a lot of Stratusfaction” coming soon.

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