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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Christopher Daniels: ROH Has Less Of A Ceiling Now Than It Did With Sinclair

Christopher Daniels believes there’s even more of a chance for Ring Of Honor to excel now.

Speaking with MuscleManMalcolm, Christopher Daniels was asked to compare Ring Of Honor being owned by Tony Khan and its previous owner, Sinclair Broadcast Group. Daniels believes the old ROH could only go so far, whereas Khan has set the company up to flourish.

“I feel like Tony had a wider set of resources for Ring of Honor’s benefit. Even when we were doing stuff at Sinclair Broadcasting, I felt like there was sort of a ceiling to how far we could go, and I don’t think Tony has that ceiling in place,” Daniels said. “I think Tony has the resources, if he has an idea, he’s not afraid to go the extra mile to put it into effect. I feel like there’s less restrictions for Ring of Honor under Tony Khan than there might have been under Sinclair Broadcasting at the time. I hope that that’s the case.

Christopher Daniels hopes that Ring Of Honor can return to a level of prominence it had prior to the pandemic, and he wants to be part of it.

“That situation, Ring of Honor was probably the promotion that was affected the most of all by the pandemic, and hopefully with Tony behind the scenes, we can bring Ring of Honor back up, get it back on HonorClub, get people excited about Ring of Honor,” Daniels said. “Supercard of Honor coming up at the end of this month. Lotta big matches soon to be announced, I’m sure. I’m just looking forward to trying be a part of it, trying to contribute, trying to get more opportunities in Ring of Honor myself, or myself and Matt, either way.”

Christopher Daniels recently spoke with WrestleZone about his run in All Elite Wrestling and Ring Of Honor, explaining how he views what is the tail end of his career.

”Part of the challenge now is to wrestle like it could be my last match. My spirit is willing and sometimes my flesh is weak,” he said. “As long as my spirit is strong, I’m gonna keep doing this as long as I can.”

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