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Photo Credit: Nickelodeon (From the episode “Little Yellow Book/Bumper to Bumper” that aired Nov 25, 2012)

Here’s Why Mark Sterling Is Back With Jade Cargill With No Explanation

Mark Sterling is back with Jade Cargill and there is a good reason for the reconciliation.

The March 22 episode of AEW Dynamite saw Sterling join Cargill and Leila Grey on stage, and he announced that they filed a cease and desist order against Taya Valkyrie. According to Sterling, Valkyrie was stealing Jade’s finishing maneuver and they were putting a stop to it.

Apparently, some fans were confused by this sudden on-air reunion since Sterling and Cargill had not been paired together for almost a year. (Perhaps they felt cheated out of a video package that would have spelled it out?)

As it turns out, Mark Sterling says there is a perfect explanation for what transpired.

“WhY iS He BaCk WiTh JaDe WiTh nO ExPlAnAtIoN? Here it is: I’ve been @Jade_Cargill’s lawyer for the past 2 years, that never changed,” Sterling wrote. “@Miss_LeilaGrey does a great job assisting the #jadebrand ringside so I don’t have to! Right now we are fighting a legal battle and I’m needed.

“How is this hard to understand? Not that we owe anyone an explanation of our business dealings,” Sterling added. “We’re out here making money while people DEMAND answers. Right now we are busy fighting for our brand’s intellectual property.

Now that seems like a perfectly reasonable explanation.