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Adam Cole: ‘All Access’ Was My Most Challenging Moment In Many Ways

Adam Cole and Britt Baker are very excited for fans to see their journey over the last several months on AEW: All Access.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Adam Cole and Britt Baker recently sat down with John Orquiola of Screen Rant to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about being part of AEW: All Access and if it has raised the bar for professional wrestling reality shows, Baker said it combines everything you’ve seen before but is also totally different.

“I think it combines all of what you just said. But at the same time, it’s totally different than what you just said. Because it really is All Access,” Britt Baker said. “We had the cameras with us everywhere at work, anything that was related to work, and a little bit at home. And above and beyond, really. And it was all real life, things that we were going through.

“And again, both at work and at home. I think it’s just such a unique cast too with myself and Adam, The Young Bucks and their story, and then Sammy and Tay. And then you have cameos from AEW stars throughout the entire show. Every episode, all you have to do is take a look in the background, [and] you’ll see 5 or 10 people you know, and you’re probably a huge fan of.”

Cole chimed in by saying this is the most he’s ever let people into his private life on this show.

“For me personally, this is the most private that I’ve ever gotten when it comes to telling a story of mine on camera,” Adam Cole revealed. “The injuries that I went through were incredibly serious and something that I kept very close to home for a long time. Obviously, Britt knew, and my family knew exactly what was going on, [and] the AEW medical team.

“But to be able to capture that and show all the ups and the downs and have that all be on camera was really, really interesting, but also a really cool experience for me. Between seeing the ups and downs that I’ve gone through, getting the chance to speak with some of my family members, and things of that nature, it’s definitely the most private, as far as a story, that I’ve shared before. And I’m excited to share it with everyone.”

When asked to detail some of what we’ll see on his comeback journey throughout the show’s season, Cole said you’ll see him at some very high and low points of his life as he fought to return to the squared circle.

“I’m gonna speak very generally here, but it’s mainly because I want the audience to be able to experience it for the first time,” Adam Cole said. “When I say this was the most challenging moment, in a lot of ways, of my entire life, I think a lot of that is captured. You’re gonna see me at some low points. You’ll see me at some very high points where I’m excited.

“Some family members of mine are gonna have the chance to speak up. It’s gonna be a very, very in-depth, inside look at my private life, and Britt’s life, and what this entire process has been for the both of us. I know it sounds like a very general response, but seriously, tune into AEW: All Access. I promise no one’s going to be disappointed.”

Baker also revealed that the couple have filmed hundreds of hours of content for this show, and they have yet to see the final cut so they aren’t entirely sure what to expect.

“And on top of all of that, we filmed for it feels like hundreds and hundreds of hours. And we haven’t seen the final cut, so we don’t even know what will go in and what won’t,” Britt Baker admitted. “[So there’s] kind of a little bit of anxiety on that end, too. Because I don’t even remember some of the stuff that we’ve filmed or that the cameras were with us for. We just don’t know what’s gonna be in it or not.”

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What do you make of Adam Cole and Britt Baker’s comments? Are you excited to check out AEW: All Access next week? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.