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Cody Rhodes Compares His Inner Fire To That Of Rocky Balboa

Not only has Cody Rhodes seen the Rocky movies, but he also draws inspiration from them as well.

The American Nightmare recently sat down with Amy Nemmity of WrestleJoy to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what he draws from to remain focused when he’s in tremendous pain, Rhodes used an analogy from the legendary Rocky movie franchise.

“You know Rocky Balboa, he hits the canvas, and he starts to get these pictures of Adrian and Mickey in his head. I like the word violent, it’s not WWE’s favorite word. I understand that, and I respect that. Let’s say aggressive,” Cody Rhodes said. “I wrestle aggressively. I love that. I even said it on Raw, I love the taste of blood in my mouth. So strange, but I do. When you’re having to push through and you’re tested by physicality, I have those pictures that pop up in my head.

“But they’re not what people think, they’re not Dusty. You know, Dusty is so centered in so much of these things. Sometimes I have to tell him, even though he is not here, ‘Hey, get out of the picture.’ It’s my mom. It’s my mom, it’s my sister, my wife, and my daughter. They’re the things that pop up, and the things that help me. Those four really, those four women, they helped me through it.”

One of Cody Rhodes’ most iconic moments since returning to WWE is his Hell in a Cell match against Seth “Freakin” Rollins when he wrestled and won the match with a torn pec. Rhodes admitted that was the most pain he’d ever felt, but the WWE Universe’s reaction before the bell rang really fired him up to compete in that match.

“Everyone wants this story on the Pec match and I’ve had the worst answers every time,” Cody Rhodes admitted. “This is just me finally kind of being honest. I was in the most pain I have ever been in my life. I couldn’t bend over because it would re-cramp. I couldn’t lean back. The jacket weighs so dang much in the first place, and every movement, every little step hurt. Walking out into Allstate Arena, this arena that I consider a second hometown, and the reaction from the fans before they saw how bad it was, it literally filled me up.

“I could have fought two Seth Rollins’. I really could have. I don’t know how I could even jump to the height I was going. That’s why I’m in this business, because I love it. But you’re not thinking, I hope I win the belt, or I hope I get paid more money. For me, it’s my women. That’s always been the case. That’s how I knew Brandi was the deal. She wasn’t just someone I was dating, she was the one.”

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