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Nigel McGuinness Discusses His WWE Release, Expresses His Gratitude

Nigel McGuinness shares his thoughts on his WWE release.

McGuinness signed with WWE in 2016, and he was part of the broadcast teams for NXT, NXT UK, NXT Level Up, 205 Live, and WWE Main Event, at various points before he was released in October 2022.

In an interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, McGuinness was asked whether he was surprised by his release. He noted that it wasn’t a “huge shock”, as NXT UK going on hiatus lessened the way he was being used. McGuinness emphasized his gratitude for his run with WWE and how much he learned during his time there.

“It wasn’t a huge shock to me, I don’t think so,” McGuinness said, “I think with the NXT UK brand being put on hiatus and moving a lot of guys over to NXT, I kind of wasn’t being used as much as I might be, and so I understood. I’m not sure how much longer that time was gonna be there.

“I was very grateful to still be employed as long as I was, doing the smaller shows, in terms of Level Up or 205, the ability to work with younger guys and watch younger guys just breaking into this industry. That was a great experience in and of itself. But to your point, it wasn’t a huge shock. I just felt very grateful for everything that had happened there and very appreciative of the six years of the learning and the education and experience.

McGuinness continued by making it clear that he enjoyed his time with WWE. He credited Michael Cole for helping him be successful when he was starting with the company at the NXT UK Tournament.

“I really enjoyed my time there,” McGuinness said. “The great thing about WWE, there’s so many talented people that work there as well. But of course none of it would have been possible were it not for the UK Tournament getting started in the first place, and again, Michael Cole bringing me in, sitting beside me, making sure that I had the best entrance into the company that I possibly could. Without that, I don’t think I would have been half as successful.”

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