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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Matt Hardy Responds To Criticism Of Tony Khan’s Booking

Matt Hardy responds to criticism of AEW CEO Tony Khan‘s booking and highlights the way Khan has learned from great minds.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the veteran discussed the criticism of Khan’s booking and noted how some die-hard fans seemingly think they can book better than the people who are actually running the show.

One Twitter noter reacted by saying that the only difference between Khan and die-hard fans is that Khan has a “billionaire dad.” Hardy responded and emphasized that Khan has surrounded himself with the best minds in wrestling.

Hardy then stated that AEW is a collaboration between Khan and the talent. He shared his belief that one can only truly understand the way the business works if they actually work within it with experienced people. Hardy also described how Khan has absorbed knowledge from great minds and understands how to apply it.