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Maria Kanellis: The Briscoes Really Made The Second Half Of My Career

Maria Kanellis knows that Supercard of Honor will be a very emotional night for her.

The Kingdom‘s Maria Kanellis recently sat down with Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about Supercard of Honor this Friday night, Kanellis spoke about The Reach for the Sky Ladder match and what the late Jay Briscoe means to her.

“It’s personal, this one’s personal,” Maria Kanellis admitted. “We were some of the last people to be in the ring with the Briscoes. And I still, I say the name, and I just — It catches it’s that like, I can’t believe he’s gone. So, for me personally, the Reach for the Sky ladder match, it’s about the Briscoe brothers that night.

“It’s about the locker room leaders. It’s about their presence still being felt. Mark is going to be there. It’s gonna be huge tonight for Mark. But as far as The Kingdom goes, just being involved with the Reach for the Sky ladder match is a huge honor because of our history.”

Maria went on to tell a beautiful story about how The Briscoes really helped shape the second portion of her professional wrestling career with Ring of Honor.

“I haven’t talked about it too much, but the Briscoe brothers really made the second portion of my career,” Maria Kanellis revealed. “They welcomed me into the Ring of Honor locker room after being a diva in WWE and being looked at like this ditzy, throwaway character, but the way that the Briscoes treated me, the way that Jay was able to be vulnerable and a match for me, this Diva Search girl made me more believable, and it made my promos better.

“It made my work better. It made me as a manager, and I base my entire career now off of what was built during that feud. Briscoe Brothers and ODB against The Kingdom and me. So it’s personal; it’s going to be an emotional night. I have to say it’s going to be really emotional.”

Watch our full interview with Maria Kanellis-Bennett below:

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