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Photo Credit: WWE

Bruce Prichard: Vince McMahon Has Not Given Any Input On Creative Yet

Bruce Prichard comments on Vince McMahon’s return.

McMahon retired from WWE in July 2022 amid a WWE board investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money. He had been the head of creative, and upon his departure, Triple H took over; he was later named WWE’s Chief Content Officer. McMahon returned to WWE on January 6 and was voted the Executives Chairman of the WWE Board of Directors on January 10. Despite his return, Triple H continues to lead the WWE creative team.

During an appearance on The Press Box, WWE executives director Bruce Prichard was asked whether McMahon has given any input on creative since he returned.

“He hasn’t yet,” Prichard said. “He made it to one TV and really had nothing to say other than, ‘great show, thank you guys.’ In that regard, he is busy working on the business end of things and has given us free rein on the creative end of things to handle it. I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.” (Transcription credit of Jeremy Lambert of Fightful)

McMahon will reportedly be in attendance at WWE WrestleMania 39, and he was previously backstage at the March 6 episode of WWE RAW.