Freddie Prinze Jr.
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Freddie Prinze Jr: Dave Bautista Gets Significantly Better Each Movie He Does

Freddie Prinze Jr. has nothing but love and respect for Dave Bautista and what he has been able to accomplish as an actor.

Freddie Prinze Jr. was once a writer for WWE, and during his tenure, Batista was one of the company’s top Superstars. Since then, both Batista and John Cena have followed in Dwayne Johnson’s footsteps and entered the realm of acting.

On The Movie Dweeb podcast, Prinze praised Batista for being the least “seasoned” of the three WWE alums turned actors and currently having the most range.

“Here’s what’s crazy. Batista started out as the greenest of the three,” said Prinze. “When they all first started making movies, if you look at the first stuff The Rock did, the first stuff John did, he was the most seasoned, John was, and Batista was the least seasoned. If you look at what they’re able to do now, as far as range, Dave, is it such a level that I don’t know if the other guys get there because the other guys already have tons of success, like both men can make any kind of movie they want any kind of series, they want, Cena or The Rock like whatever they want, they can pretty much get it made. So I don’t know if they’ll have the ambition to train to get to the level that Dave is at right now.

“If you look at how rapidly his skill has developed, we all have talent, right? Skill is the work and the sacrifice, and the discipline you put in. That’s when it becomes a skill,” Prinze continued. “If you watch how Dave’s skill has grown, I don’t think he’s anywhere near where he’s going to end up. Like, I honestly think the sky’s the limit for that dude. Every movie he’s in, he’s significantly better than the last one. I’ve seen everything these guys do… I honestly think he’s the best.”

This year, WrestleMania has once again gone Hollywood and while Batista was hoping to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year after being elected to the Hall of Fame in 2020, his former tag team partner Rey Mysterio is getting inducted instead.

As for Freddie Prinze Jr., he is hoping to start his own wrestling project by some point in 2024.

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