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WWE NXT Stand and Deliver Results (4/1/23)

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Gallus (c) vs. The Creeds vs. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks

Quick tags abound as everyone lands a big move right out the gate. Julius sends both members of Gallus out of the ring. Deadlift body slam by Julius. D’Angelo picks up Julius and sends him spinning in mid-air. I have no idea what that call that move. Suplex/neck breaker combo by D’Angelo and Stacks. The Creeds pull down their straps and hit a combo butterfly facebuster on the floor to Coffy. Gallus isolates Brutus and D’Angelo. Wolfgang and Coffy work over both men. Julius manages to get the tag and clears the ring.

Stacks attacks him from behind. Stacks is everywhere, sending Wolfgang into the ring steps and taking Coffy out with a boot. Julius picks up Coffy and Stacks on his shoulders at the same time. Brutus dives off the top and hits a Brutus ball (barely, but enough to knock over the pile). D’Angelo surprises Julius with his finish. Stacks lands a splash. Coffy breaks up the pin. D’Angelo and Stacks hit Badabang. Joe Coffy hops the barricade and pulls Stacks off the pin. Gallus hits their finish on Stacks for the win.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Gallus!

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Backstage, the host of Stand and Deliver Pretty Deadly are afraid to knock on Bron Breakker’s locker room door. Prince reminds Wilson that the last time they saw him, Breakker Spear them both. They decide not to and throw the show back to Booker and Vic.

North American Championship Fatal 5-Way: Wes Lee (c) vs. Ilja Dragonuv vs. Axiom vs. JD McDonagh vs. Dragon Lee

As the bell rings, Lee tells McDonagh and Dragonuv to just go at it. Dragon Lee walks in and decks both Dragonuv and McDonagh. Axiom kicks Dragon Lee out of the ring. Dragonuv unleashes lightling chops on Axiom. Dragonuv and McDonagh are the only two men in the ring. Before they can lock up Dragon Lee attacks them both… again. Lee crushes both men with basement dropkicks in the corner. Dragon Lee and Axiom face off. Dragon Lee floors Axiom with a kick. Axiom ends up next to Lee. Dragon Lee lands a dive, flattening both men.

Lee and Dragon Lee trade strike. Lee blasts Dragon Lee with a basement dropkick. Dragonuv tries to steak in a suplex but Lee lands on his feet. Running boot by Lee. Lee tries a dive but McDonagh moves out of the way. Lee lands on his feet. McDonagh turns around and eats a superkick from Lee. After a distraction from Axiom, McDonagh attakcs Lee from behind. McDonagh dodges a baseball slide from Axiom. Asai moonsault by McDonagh. Dragon Lee charges in but eats a standing Spanish fly from McDonagh. McDonagh obliterates Lee with the Devil Inside.

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Dragonuv slides in the ring and catches the referee’s hand before he can make the three count. McDonagh looks up and see Dragonuv. Dragon Lee, Dragonuv, and Axiom all dropkick McDonagh. Dragonuv fires up and suplexes everyone. Axiom eats the Constentine Special from Dragonuv. Dragonuv death valley drivers Lee into Dragon Lee. top rope senton by Dragonuv. McDonagh pushes Dragonuv off the top. Triangle moonsault by Axiom. McDonagh and Dragonuv are both flattened.

Lee and Dragon Lee are fighting on the top rope. Dragon Lee knocks Lee into the tree of woe. As Lee hangs there, Dragon Lee hits a double stomp. McDonagh, Axiom, and Dragonuv trade submission attempts. Axiom puts Dragonuv in a triangle as McDonagh has Dragon Lee in a choke. Dragonuv powerbombs Axiom on the pile to break the holds. Lee breaks up Dragonuv’s pin with a Final Flash. Lee tries his backflip kick but McDonagh moves and Axiom catches him with the Golden Ratio in midair.

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Axiom hits the Matrix DDT. McDonagh kicks out. Dragonuv lands a suplex followed by a leaping elbow strike to Axiom. Lee and Dragon Lee break up the pin. Dragon Lee, Dragonuv, and Lee all trade strikes. Dragonuv turns Dragon Lee inside out with a lariat. Dragonuv sets up the Torpedo Masku. As Dragonuv hits it on Dragon Lee, Lee hits the Cardiac Kick on Dragonuv. Lee pins Dragonuv.

Winner and STILL North American Champion, Wes Lee!

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