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WWE NXT Stand and Deliver Logo 2023

WWE NXT Stand and Deliver Results (4/1/23)

NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Carmelo Hayes w/Trick Williams

After the bell rings, Hayes and Breakker stare each other down while the crowd chants, “NXT!” Hayes and Breakker lock up. Breakker easily over powers Hayes. Breakker backs Hayes into the corner and barks at him. Hayes hops on the top rope in terror. After a tackle spot, Hayes floors Breakker with a dropkick. Hayes barks at Breakker then tries a springboard but he slips. Hayes tries again and gets swatted out of the air by Breakker. Breakker mocks Hayes and shoots a three. Frankenstiener by Breakker. Breakker lands a standing moonsault. Hayes kicks out.

Breakker works a front chancery. Hayes tries to escape but Breakker turns it into a suplex. Hayes trips Breakker into the corner. Breakker slams his face into the turnbuckle. Hayes stomps Breakker. Breakker misses a clothesline. Springboard clothesline by Hayes. Breakker kicks out. Hayes locks Breakker in a Fujiwara armbar. Breakker escapes and works over Hayes’ back. Kidney shot aftert Kidney shot by Breakker. Breakker traps Hayes in a torture rack. Williams hops on the apron and pulls Hayes out of the hold.

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The referee eject Williams from ringside. In the confusion, Breakker leaps over the top and lands on Williams and Hayes. Steiner Bulldog by Breakker. Hayes kicks out. Hayes surprises Breakker with a suplex stunner. Breakker kicks out. Hayes goes up top. Breakker moves but Hayes lands on his feet. Slingshot suplex by Hayes. Breakker kicks out. Hayes goes back up top. Breakker leaps up to the top rope and hits a top rope frankensteiner. Both men are down. They lock eyes and trash talk each other as they both use the ropes to pull themselves up. Hayes and Breakker trade strikes. Breakker and Hayes counter each other over and over again.

Both men are trying their submission holds. Breakker sidewalk slams Hayes but Hayes pops up and locks in a crossface. Breakker turns it into a pin. Hayes kicks out. Breakker tries to spear Hayes but the referee is too close so both of them get taken out. Breakker puts Hayes in the recliner. Hayes taps but there was no referee. Williams hops the barricade and hits Breakker with the NXT Championship. The referee wakes up and starts the count. Breakker kicks out! Hayes dives off the top but gets caught by Breakker. Breakker sets up his powerslam but Hayes reverses it into a lung blower. Hayes hits Nothing but Net for the win!

Winner and NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW NXT Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

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After the match, Breakker tries to give Hayes a pound, but Hayes calls back to their akward handshake from two weeks ago by shaking Breakker’s fist like Breakker did to him. Breakker hands Hayes the championship and leaves. Hayes and Williams celebrate.

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