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Bret Hart Reflects On His Two Favorite WrestleMania Matches

In hindsight, Bret Hart wishes he had never gone to WCW so he could have had more matches against some of his favorite WWE opponents.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart was a recent guest on The Wrestling Classic to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what his favorite WrestleMania match is, Hart said the Ironman match with Shawn Michaels and the match against Stone Cold Steve Austin sits a couple of inches apart from one another.

“I put the Iron Man match and the Stone Cold [match]; they’re a couple of inches apart,” Bret Hart said. “As far as the Ironman match, that was the hardest match I’ve ever had. Yeah. And Shawn, as I knew, was going to bring everything, and he brought everything, and I was prepared for everything, and it was two of the best wrestlers in the prime of their lives giving the match of their life.

“So I can never take anything — it’s a flawless, absolutely perfect match. Same as WrestleMania 13, for sure, my two greatest matches. Both guys, Shawn and Steve, I wish if I could have gone back and never gone to WCW; I wish I’d stayed there and worked with those guys just a bit more and Undertaker, and it’s a shame that history played out the way it did.”

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