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Dana White: There Won’t Really Be Any Crossover Between WWE And UFC

Dana White says there won’t be much of a crossover between WWE and UFC following the news that they’ll be merging.

WWE has officially entered an agreement with Endeavor, UFC’s parent company; as part of the deal, WWE will merge with UFC to form a publicly traded company. White will remain the UFC President, Nick Khan will be the WWE President, and Vince McMahon will serve as the Executive Chair of the Board.

In an interview with AP News, White commented on UFC’s looming merger with WWE.

“You have the power of the fanbase of the WWE,” White said. “You have the power of the fanbase of the UFC, and you have the power of the viral ability and whatever that fanbase is gonna be, for Power Slap. We can reach all these people in so many different ways. There’s just a lot more resources now. WWE has a lot more resources. It’s a phone call away now. All they gotta do is pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, how did this happen? I need this, or I need this contact, or how did you do this?’

“You all work together to make sure that everybody wins. We’ve been together on the same weekend many times, and you come one of a UFC event, you have Monday Night RAW, who knows? Who knows? Again, these are all things that could be figured out on the business side.”

White continued by emphasizing the difference between WWE and UFC, and he stated that there won’t really be any type of crossover between the two, despite the merger.

“The difference between the UFC and the WWE is, if you look at the WWE, they have an end the entertainment value, and they have these guys that are incredible athletes that go in there and do their thing,” White said. “It’s well-known that it’s scripted.

“When you look at the UFC, this is as real as it gets. That’s like our tagline. You have these guys that are incredible athletes, that have to be well-rounded and well-versed in all these different aspects of martial arts. Then you have the entertainment side of it too, but it’s real fighting. It’s real. There are no pre-determined outcomes in the UFC. So there won’t really be any type of crossover.”

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