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Katie Arquette Cites Becky Lynch As A True Inspiration, Previews Ladies Night 2

April 22nd is Ladies Night, and Katie Arquette is ready to fight.

This Saturday, Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) will host its second-ever Ladies Night event from the RJ Meyer Arena in Joppa, Maryland. The event will feature a variety of figures from the women’s wrestling scene, including MCW Women’s Champion Gia Scott, Megan Bayne, Mandy Leon, and “The Queen of the Silver Screen” Katie Arquette.

For Arquette, she approaches a first-ever singles matchup against AEW’s Leila Grey. Speaking with WrestleZone’s own Ella Jay, Arquette was asked what fans can expect from their performance at Ladies Night 2.

“Well, they can expect a fight because I’ve seen her, and we all know who I am. So, I definitely think there’s a lot of sass. There’s a lot of drama with both of us. She’s a little baddie at the same time. So, I think we’re going to have a really good one-on-one encounter. I’m really excited to get in the ring with her because I’ve seen what she has to offer, and I’d like to see how it owns up to me.”

Outside of Arquette and Grey’s battle, MCW is offering up some more enticing matchups. Megan Bayne will face one of her real-life Jiu-Jitsu partners, Rebecca Scott. “The Stunner” Emily Jaye also takes on “The Elemental” JC Storm. Perhaps most notably, though, Gia Scott will defend her MCW Women’s Championship in a 30-minute Iron Woman match against Ray Lyn. When discussing the outlook of the card, Arquette said she’s looking forward to seeing those three in particular, but one of them really intrigues her.

“Well, honestly, just the three that you’ve mentioned, aside from mine, just those three matches, I feel they all know each other. They’ve all worked with each other, whether it be training or tag matches or many other promotions. So, I’m curious to see each of them, but fan favorite, I am definitely excited to see Ray Lyn and Gia Scott go at it because like I said, this is not their first time [facing off], especially at MCW. And it’s an Iron-Man match, a 30-minute Iron-Woman match. So, I’m really excited to see how that plays out.”

In the spirit of Ladies Night, Arquette also shared some of her female inspirations in the world of wrestling, namely “The Man” Becky Lynch.

“I was actually talking about this yesterday and just seeing how the women’s division has evolved on AEW [and] WWE. There was this real I saw of Becky Lynch from start to now and it was very, very vastly different. And just talking about like those Four Horsewomen — Charlotte, Becky Bayley, and Sasha — and honestly, I have love for each of them, but my biggest inspiration would be Becky. Not only because she’s changed and evolved so much…I looked at her as someone that ‘who is she?’, but she’s good. I’m just more and more intrigued.”

“And I think out of the four of them, I feel that Becky was kind of on the other end, compared to everyone else and how they were being represented. I would love to have a match with Becky. I want to see if she can put me into an armbar and how long. So, I would definitely say, Becky at least in the last couple of years, she’s been a true inspiration for me.”

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