sol ruca
Photo Credit: WWE

NXT’s Sol Ruca Out With Torn ACL

Sol Ruca is currently sidelined with a real injury.

On Wednesday, the “NXT Anonymous” Twitter account posted a video of Sol Ruca being attacked in the WWE Performance Center parking lot. The account has been sharing videos of attacks on other female wrestlers to further a storyline, but it turns out that Ruca is legitimately injured.‘s Dave Meltzer (via Wrestling Observer Radio) reports that Sol Ruca is legitimately out due to a torn ACL.

“[Sol Ruca] tore her ACL. There’s a lot of injuries there [NXT]. It’s funny because a lot of people are blaming the strength training for the injuries, that they are doing heavy lifts as opposed to strengthening surrounding muscles to prevent injuries,” Meltzer said.

“When you are doing heavy stuff like that, the knees and the shoulders both can take a beating doing heavy one rep maxes or heavy, heavy weights, heavy squats, obviously, and they do that too, they have squat competitions there too,” he added. “It sounds good but people have brought up to me there’s a lot of injuries, especially on the women’s side, there’s a lot of women’s injuries right now in NXT.

The report did not state when the injury occurred. Sol Ruca was signed by WWE in March 2022 and made her in-ring debut last June. She last wrestled a tag team match on an April 14 NXT live event in Largo, Florida. Prior to that, her last televised in-ring match was a loss to Tiffany Stratton on NXT on April 11.