WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results (5/1/23): WWE Draft Night 2, More!

Backstage, Jey Uso asks Heyman and Sikoa why Sikoa wasn’t at ringside for their brother Jimmy’s match. Heyman says Reigns wants Sikoa to focus on destroying Rollins tonight.

WWE Draft Round Four

WWE Hall of Famers Eric Bishoff and Rob Van Dam are here as special presenters for the following picks.

1st Pick, Round #4 (Raw): Trish Stratus

2nd Pick, Round #4 (SmackDown): Karrion Kross and Scarlett

3rd Pick, Round #4 (Raw): Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler

4th Pick, Round #4 (SmackDown): LA Knight

Miz TV

The Miz introduces his guest tonight, recent Raw draft pick Shinsuke Nakamura. Miz welcomes Nakamura to Raw. Miz asks Nakamura if he thinks he could win the new World Heavy Weight Championship. Nakamura answers in Japanese. Miz says when Triple H said this would be the workhorse championship, he obviously meant Miz should be the champ. Miz says Nakamura can’t be number one, but he would be a great number two.

They should team up. Nakamura tells Miz he is something in Japanese. Miz gets excited because he thinks its something good. The Miz gets the crowd to chant it because it sounds amazing. Miz asks what it translates to. Nakamura looks at Miz’s crotch and says it means “the guy with tiny balls.” The crowd chants “tiny balls” at Miz. Miz attacks. Nakamura floors him with a Kinshasa.

Omos w/MVP vs. Anthony Alanis

Alanis decks Omos. Omos slams Alanis. Snake eyes by Omos. Big boot by Omos. Omos hits the Chokebomb for the win.

Winner- Omos

WWE Draft Round Five

WWE Hall of Famers Molly Holly and Road Dogg are here as special presenters for the following picks.

1st Pick, Round #5 (Raw): Ricochet and Braun Strowman

2nd Pick, Round #5 (SmackDown): Shotzi

3rd Pick, Round #5 (Raw): Bronson Reed

4th Pick, Round #5 (SmackDown): NXT’s Pretty Deadly

In-Ring Segment: The Judgement Day

Priest celebrates The Judgement all being drafted to Raw. Priest congratulates Rhea Ripley for being the first draft back tonight. Ripley says Mami is always on top. This Saturday at Backlash, Zelina Vega will regret everything she’s done to her on SmackDown. Everyone will see she is the most dominant champion in WWE. Bálor says Priest is going to destroy Bad Bunny and leave pieces of him all over Puerto Rico. Priest wants Bad Bunny to listen to his words carefully. Priest goes on a rant in Spanish. Dominik grabs a mic, and the crowd immediately starts booing.

Dominik tries to say he can’t wait to see them dominate at Backlash. The crowd isn’t having it. Since the LWO got drafted to SmackDown, this is the last time he can embarrass his deadbeat dad. The LWO interrupts. Mysterio says they aren’t running they got drafted to SmackDown. He’s glad. If Dominik thought getting beat with a belt at WrestleMania was bad, the next time he might break out the Chancla. They are going to enjoy watching Bad Bunny taking out Priest at Backlash and Vega winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Rhea Ripley.

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