WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results (5/1/23): WWE Draft Night 2, More!

WWE Raw Results 

May 1, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Triple H walks out on the stage to begin Night Two of the 2023 WWE Draft. The new WWE World Heavyweight Championship is displayed on the stage next to the podium. Ground rules: all remaining superstars are eligible to be drafted tonight. As a result of Roman Reigns being drafted to SmackDown, the new World Heavyweight Championship will be crowned for Raw. Triple H notes that Brock Lesnar isn’t eligible to be drafted. He negotiated that he would remain a free agent. Select NXT Superstars are eligible to be drafted as well. The new roster take effect after Backlash.

WWE Draft Round One

1st Pick, Round #1 (Raw): SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley

2nd Pick, Round #1 (SmackDown): United States Champion Austin Theory

3rd Pick, Round #1 (Raw): Seth “Freakin” Rollins

4th Pick, Round #1 (SmackDown): Charlotte Flair

The first round ends. Triple H introduces Paul Heyman. Heyman is met with a chours of boos. Triple H shows Heyman the new World Heavyweight Championship.

In-Ring Segment: Paul Heyman

Heyman says the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns has asked him to speak on a number of topics. Number one: The draft; Reigns, Heyman, and Solo Sikoa have all been drafted to SmackDown. Tonight will determine the fate of the Usos. The Usos who did not win back their tag titles from Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. He will address this with the Usos tonight in private. At Backlash, the Usos and Solo Sikoa will take care of the problem known as Owens, Zayn, and Matt Riddle.

Reigns will be returning soon to SmackDown and he will address all of these issues, including the beautiful, new World Heavyweight Championshp as well. Wouldn’t it look good in the island of relvancy. As of right now, Reigns can’t compete for the title because he wont be on Monday Night Raw. The worst part is everyone in the Raw locker room are walking around flapping their gums about Reigns. Men who are jokers, freaking clowns. Seth “Freakin” Rollins interrupts.

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Rollins notes that today should be like Christmas for Heyman. Rollins is still on his show, Monday Night Raw. Heyman doesn’t have to manipulate things backstage so Reigns can continue avoiding him. Rollins has a spoiler for Heyman. He’s going to win the new World Championship at Night of Champions and the WWE Universe will see what a real champion looks like. Heyman’s phone rings and he answers. Rollins gets the crowd singing so Heyman can’t hear.

Heyman screams at the crowd that he can’t hear his tribal chief. Heyman gets in Rollins face and tells him that he’s pissing off his Tribal Chief. Rollins asks the crowd how long it will take for him to get Heyman down so he can stomp him into the mat. Sikoa’s music hits and he power walks to the ring. Heyman tells Rollins that all the string are being pulled to book Sikoa vs. Rollins. Rollins says they don’t have to bother, if Sikoa wants a fight, he’s on.

Earlier today, Adam Pearce let’s Cody Rhodes know that Brock Lesnar is here tonight. He would like to not have an incidents tonight.

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan (c) vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley and Dakota Kai)

Morgan and Kai trade strikes and pin attempts. Kai trips Morgan into the corner. Bayley tags in and slams Morgan. Bayley misses an elbow drop. Morgan tags in Rodriguez. Morgan and Rodriguez double team Bayley. Kai tags Bayley’s foot, which isn’t a legal tag. As the referee holds Kai back, Bayley rakes her eyes. Morgan is sent out of the ring. Kai boots Morgan out of her shoes. After the break, Bayley and Kai are working over Morgan. Morgan manages to tag in Rodriguez.

Rodriguez clears the ring. Bayley pushes Kai out of the way and gets flattened in the corner by Rodriguez. Rodriguez lands her spinning splash on Kai. Kai kicks out. Rodriguez and Morgan set up a skyscraper splash, but Bayley trips Rodriguez. Morgan falls off Rodriguez’s shoulders and lands on Kai’s knee,s which she put up to turn the counter into a nasty backstabber. Morgan kicks out. Bayley gets a blind tag. Morgan lands Oblivion on Kai, but she isn’t legal. Bayley rolls up Morgan for the win.

Winners- Damage CTRL

Earlier today, Pearce finds Brock Lesnar. Pearce tells Lesnar he would like to keep the peace tonight. Lesnar chuckles and tells Pearce good luck with that.

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