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Thunder Rosa: Serena Williams Inspires Me To Go Against The Odds

Thunder Rosa explains why she looks up to Serena Williams.

During a recent interview with Dominic DeAngelo of Ad Free Shows, former AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa addressed which athlete outside of the squared circle inspires her.

“Honest to god, Serena Williams,” Rosa said. “She really inspires me to go against all odds, right. From the moment she stepped on the court with her sister, they were expected to fail. It was the tenacity of their crazy father, and also the talent that both Venus and her had. They really had made such an important mark in women’s sports and especially for women of color.

“Coming from Compton here in L.A. and going on to become an entrepreneur and probably one of the richest and most influential woman in the world — not only as a tennis player — but also as an entrepreneur and as a woman and mother. Accepting all that and returning to the court and being dominant, it’s all the facets of a woman,” Rosa explained.

“I read her story, I’ve read a lot of articles, watched a lot of videos. I watched the movie and everything, and there’s so many women like her that started from nothing, and they were really able to be resilient and really advocate for themselves because that was the most important part,” she added. “They offered them so many contracts and they were smart enough to to be like, ‘No, we’re waiting for something more and this is gonna happen,’ and they had done it. They’re the women I really look up to, and it’s really beautiful to see what you can do if you surround yourself with the right people and also the right opportunity.”

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