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Shane Helms: I Might’ve Been Made More For Producing Than Actually Wrestling

Shane Helms is proud to be a producer in WWE.

While his in-ring career has largely winded down, Shane “The Hurricane” Helms remains an important figure behind-the-scenes in WWE. Helms, of course, serves as a backstage producer for the company. And while he may not be lacing up his boots much anymore, he sometimes prefers it that way.

In a recent appearance on GAW TV, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion explained why he loves producing so much. “I love [producing]. Strangely enough, I like producing almost as much and sometimes more than working,” he said.

“I never thought anything would ever exceed my love for actually being in the ring. That was where I was always most at home, as I’m pretty sure you ladies feel the same way. I just absolutely adored it, and I still do. Just the physical part of that, kind of my body checked out a little while ago. But the producing, man, I absolutely love this job. I might have been made more for this than actually wrestling.”

With over three decades work of experience behind him, Helms gladly lends his knowledge to the WWE Superstars of today. Often times, the superstars will execute his ideas, or even some of his former moves, in the ring. “When an idea that I come up with and they’re able to utilize that 100%. I get super proud of that,” Helms said.

“We just did a European tour, like where we set records on a couple of nights. Paris, France, too, by the way, I don’t know if you guys saw my tweet. It is in a conversation now for the best wrestling town in the world…But long story short, the main event of that match, the guys are using moves I created every night. And not because I asked them to, because they wanted to. So, little things like that, talents using moves I came up with or using sayings. I come up with catch phrases or. I came up with ‘[The] Eradicator’ for Rhea Ripley. So, when she won the title at WrestleMania, and they were like ‘The Eradicator,’ I’m like, ‘Yes, that’s so cool.'”

“It’s just a little tiny piece of the puzzle. But I said something to somebody recently because they helped me do something and they were like, ‘Yeah, it was just a small thing.’ And I was like, ‘No, brother. It doesn’t matter how small your piece of the puzzle is, the puzzle is not complete without you.’ No matter how successful anybody is, there’s a bunch of little people that helped you get along, helped you get there. So, I don’t mind being a small piece of the puzzle.”

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