BLK Jeez

BLK Jeez Discusses His Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis

BLK Jeez opens up about his cancer diagnosis and discusses how he’s feeling.

Darnell Kittrell, also known as BLK Jeez, who is signed with the National Wrestling Alliance, has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of cancer, and a GoFundMe page has been set up for his medical expenses.

Speaking with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus on The Wise Men, BLK Jeez discussed his diagnosis. (Transcription credit of Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling)

“I’m feeling pretty strong today, feeling positive, mentally strong. My mobility is good which is a great thing. It puts you in a position where you need help. You need people to sort of wait on you and things like that and I’m not that type of person. I’m used to being the one on the go helping everyone else out. So this situation, it was a tough adjustment for me because I could sit back and really just allow myself to be taken care of. 

“Multiple myeloma, which is cancer of the plasma cells. So basically, what this cancer does, it causes bone damage and it leads to bone fractures so originally, what I thought was happening was that I was having a really bad back issue. It’s common (in wrestling) and a lot of us athletes, we sort of gauge how we feel. I guess we can be stubborn as far as going to the doctor. Are we able to move? Yeah, we good. Can we walk? Yeah, we good. So we’re good. But then it got to the point where everything that I would normally try when I’m injured just wasn’t working and I just knew I had to get to the E.R. so we went to the E.R., got bloodwork done and that’s when it came up and I was diagnosed with this. It’s April 1st I think it was. So it hasn’t been a long time but, to me it feels like forever.”

WrestleZone sends its best wishes to BLK Jeez and wishes him well in his recovery.