PCO Reveals His Favorite Thing He Stole As A Pirate

PCO was once a swashbuckling pirate named Jean Pierre LaFitte.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, PCO spoke about his days as Jean Pierre LaFitte in the WWF. PCO joined the company in 1993 as Pierre Ouellet, one-half of the Quebecers. He was repackaged two years later as LaFitte and ultimately feuded with Bret Hart after stealing some of the Hitman’s belongings.

PCO was asked what his favorite thing he stole was, and he had an immediate answer.

“Bret [Hart]’s jacket, of course. [laughs] I stole so many things. I stole the Puerto Rican flag, I stole Bret’s sunglasses, Bret’s jacket, among others. But the jacket was something that was kind of cool for me,” he explained. “Growing up was a big fan of the Hart Foundation, The British Bulldogs. So to be able to have great matches and then to be able to feud with one of my heroes. That was pretty phenomenal for me.”

PCO was also asked if there was a match that highlighted his skills as his “French-Canadian Frankenstein” character.

“There’s a few because the main thing about me is I want people to really believe and to really think that [the character] is not human. He can do things that no other people can do. But that’s very important to me,” he explained. “That’s the one side of the character other than all the theatrical and all the Shakespearian [elements], that’s very important to me. When something happens to me to PCO where you say, ‘Okay, now this is it. He’s not getting up. He’s done; that’s the end of it.’ And then again, he steps up, and that’s very important to me that character has this side of him that people find unpredictable. They don’t know what’s gonna happen next.”

PCO’s match with Bret Hart (as Jean-Pierre LaFitte) at WWF In Your House 3 can be seen in full on Peacock. You can also check out some more full-length matches from his career, including a supercut of his defining matches in IMPACT Wrestling below:

PCO’s Most Out Of Control IMPACT Matches (Includes the following matches:)

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  • PCO vs. DOC Gallows (Derby City Street Fight) – IMPACT Wrestling, August 4, 2022 

PCO vs. Mark Briscoe – ROH Bound By Honor 2019

PCO vs. MJF – Beyond Wrestling: It’s Alive, October 31, 2018

Adam Bomb vs. Jean Pierre LaFitte: WWF Action Zone, June 11th, 1995

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