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Kenny Omega Weighs In On Potential For Another Match With Kazuchika Okada

Wrestling fans continue to hope and anticipate a match between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada outside of Japan.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Kenny Omega recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about Okada recently using Omega’s “Goodbye and good night” tagline, Omega said it caught his ear rather quickly.

“Absolutely it did,” Kenny Omega said. “I checked my text messages right away to see if there was something I wasn’t privy to.”

While Omega and Okada have competed against each other a lot, the IWGP United States Champion doesn’t rule out the idea of fighting alongside him instead.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to scratch his name off the list of guys I wouldn’t help,” Kenny Omega said. “Our match together was a wild-card draft. It was a fun time. It felt to me like, ‘We had our thing. Our thing is done.’

“I’ve said it before—Okada is very sharp. He is who he is for a reason. I had a lot of fun teaming with him at New Japan Dash, so I wouldn’t strike that off the list of potential people who I wouldn’t mind having their back.”

When asked about a possible match with Okada next month at Forbidden Door, Omega downplayed it due to the fact they are currently in separate divisions.

“We’re in completely separate divisions right now,” Kenny Omega said. “I’m U.S. champion, and he’s competing for the IWGP heavy. It’s good to let us exist in our respective worlds and be comrades for a change.”

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What do you make of Kenny Omega’s comments? Would you like to see another match between him and Kazuchicka Okada? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.