NJPW Resurgence
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NJPW Resurgence Results (5/21): Jon Moxley, Mercedes Moné, More

On May 21, New Japan Pro-Wrestling presented NJPW Resurgence from Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California.

The results are as follows:

Kickoff Match: Bateman vs. The DKC

Bateman and DKC lock up and feel each other out. DKC gains the advantage, and Bateman heads to the outside to regroup. Back in the ring, Bateman overpowers DKC. and takes control. Batemate slams DKC and keeps him grounded. DKC rallies with some strikes and charges into Bateman with a cannonball. Bateman gains the upper hand again, but DKC gets a two count with a crucifix driver. DKC gets the win with a crucifix pin.

Winner: The DKC

Kickoff Match: Alex Coughlin vs. Christopher Daniels

Coughlin and Daniels battle for positioning early on. Coughlin overpowers Daniels, but the veteran takes control. He drops Coughlin with a clothesline. Daniels keeps Coughlin grounded and controls the action. Daniels hits a Flatliner and transitions into the Koji Clutch, but Coughlin reaches the ropes. Coughlin powers his way out of the Angel’s Wings and drills Daniels with some stiff shots. Coughlin showcases his power with a gutwrench suplex and dead-lifts Daniels for another one. He suplexes Daniels again, and both men are down. Daniels hits Angel’s Wings, but Coughlin kicks out at one. Coughlin gets the win with the Jackhammer.

Winner: Alex Coughlin

Fred Rosser comes to the ring and hypes up NJPW Academy, which is then highlighted in a video.

TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr. & Bad Dude Tito) vs. Virus & Barbaro Cavernario

Sabre Jr. and Virus start the bout and trade technical holds. They go back and forth, and Sabre Jr. gains the upper hand with a neck twist. Tito and Cavernario tag in and square off. Cavernario does some push-ups. Tito isn’t fazed by shoulder blocks from Cavernario. Tito trucks over Cavernario, who fires up with a flurry of offense. They keep battling it out, and Tito slams Cavernario. The TMDK duo isolates Virus and grounds him. Virtuus rallies and tags Cavernario. Sabre Jr. chokes Cavernario on the apron, but Virus takes him out. Cavernario and Virus double-team Tito.

Sabre Jr. and Cavernario are both down after a hammerlock suplex. Sabre Jr. traps Virus in a submission hold and goes for an ankle lock, but Virus escapes.

They trade blows. Virus drops Sabre Jr. with a clothesline. Tito and Sabre Jr. tag in and exchange strikes. Tito gets a two count with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Cavernatio wrenches Tito’s neck in a submission, and Virus prevents Sabre Jr. from breaking it up until Tito taps out.

Winners: Virus & Barbaro Cavernario

A video package highlights the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship Tournament.

NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship Tournament: Mercedes Moné vs. Stephanie Vaquer

Moné and Vaquer feel each other out early on. Vaquer gains an early advantage. Moné fights back and traps her in a crossface, but she breaks the hold. Moné hits an acrobatic wristlock takeover. Vaquer locks Moné in a hanging arm-bar in the ropes. Vaquer gets a two count with a takedown and takes control. A dragon screw gives Vaquer more momentum. Moné hits a Meteora on the outside and gains the upper hand. Vaquer headbutts Moné and goes for a knee attack in the corner, but Mercedes moves. Moné goes for a crossbody, but Vaquer counters and locks in a crossface. Moné locks in a crossface of her own, but Vaquer reaches the ropes.

Vaquer counters the Moné-maker and drops Mercedes with a backbreaker for a two count. Vaquer drills Moné with a forearm. Moné rolls through a pin attempt and goes for the Mone-maker. Vaquer counters, but Moné hits the lung-blower. She follows it up with the Moné-maker for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Moné

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