Matt Cardona Zack Ryder Z! True Long Island Story
Image Credit: Matt Cardona/Harry Aaron

Zack Ryder Returns In New ‘Z! True Long Island Story’

Woo woo woo, you know it.

Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE, brought back his popular “Z! True Long Island Story” in a brief video he posted on his Twitter page. Cardona shifted back to his Ryder persona and kicked off the show, much as he used to, by introducing himself as the Internet Champion. He got distracted by Persia Pirotta (Steph De Lander), and they argued.

Persia then stole Cardona’s Internet Championship, and after he threatened to fist-pump her face, he chased her into a limo that apparently exploded. The video seemingly cut to the clip of Vince McMahon’s limo exploding on the June 11, 2007, episode of WWE RAW.

Cardona and De Lander have been working together on the independent scene recently, as SDL has been Cardona’s enforcer.

At DDT Wrestle Peter Pan, Cardona will challenge for the promotion’s Universal Championship. More information is available here.