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Carmelo Hayes Expresses His Interest In Facing John Cena And Edge

Carmelo Hayes hopes to step into the ring with some of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time in the near future.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes was a recent guest on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about getting advice from veterans, Hayes spoke about recently having long conversations with WWE Hall of Famers Undertaker and Edge.

“I’m on it. I had a long conversation with Taker, Edge,” Carmelo Hayes revealed. “Any time I get to be around these people, especially people I grew up admiring, Booker, me and Booker talk all the time. Even if I don’t know where I want to go with it, I’m just listening. Guys like Shawn, for example, he’ll say something mind-blowing just in conversation that’ll open your eyes on something.

“Any time we get an opportunity to talk with these guys, I’m not shy. Edge, he sat and ate catering with me for like an hour and just talked to me. Same with Taker, walked right up to Taker. He gave me great advice. I utilize everybody that comes through, or if I’m at Raw or something like that and they’re there, I try to…. Even Cena, I didn’t get to talk to Cena for a long time, but I said hi to him and talked to him for a minute.”

When pressed for more about his encounter with John Cena, Hayes said it happened at a recent episode of RAW in Boston when he was at the show to work a match on Main Event.

“When I was in Boston, the show that he was just at, I had done the Main Event match, and I got a really good reaction. I remember when I came back, he’s like, ‘You’re from here, right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He was like, ‘Good pop’ or something like that.” Carmelo Hayes said. “I was like, ‘Thank you, thank you.’

“I had met him one other time before that, and I just thanked him for coming. He had come and talked to us for like 45 minutes at the PC, maybe like two months ago. I wish I got to talk to him more, but he’s such a busy guy. Also, you don’t know really what to say sometimes. You don’t know what to ask. I will get the opportunity, but Cena’s cool.”

When asked about the potential of standing across the ring against John Cena at WrestleMania someday, Hayes said if the opportunity is there, it would be pretty awesome.

“Yo, that would be cool. I didn’t even think about that,” Carmelo Hayes admitted. “Yeah, if it’s there, yeah. I don’t know how many more he wants to do. But I think if he’s gonna do it with anybody, it would probably mean a lot for him to do it with somebody, maybe with hometown roots. I know his father really well. John Cena Sr., I’ve known him for a long time. If the opportunity is there, that would be awesome; I’m not gonna lie. That would be something that would be really cool for me to be able to do.”

Later Hayes was asked if there were any other wrestlers on the main roster he was hoping to get into the ring with; Hayes pointed to Edge as the guy he would like to compete against.

“Edge. That was my guy,” Carmelo Hayes said. “I just remember he was just cool as hell. I loved his style when I was a kid; his wrestling style, never had bad matches. I mean Rey, MVP. There’s a good group of guys. I want to work with everybody, but yeah, those type of guys from the last generation guys of that Ruthless Aggression I grew up watching that I want to be able to work with, for sure.”

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