Kavita Devi WWE
Image Credit: WWE

Kavita Devi To Be Subject Of Upcoming Biopic

Kavita Devi will be the subject of an upcoming biopic that will chronicle the superstar’s journey.

Times of India reports that a film about Devi’s life will be produced. Producer Pretty Aggarwal acquired the rights to the project, and Zeeshan Ahmad will serve as co-producer for the film.

“Her whole life has been very inspiring. In every stage of her life she showed a lot of courage to fight all the odds and proved her ability to win,” said Aggarwal. “WWE has always been considered as a male bastion. Later, many women from around the world started taking interest in it and professionally started participating in it, but still there was no female representation from India.

“Kavita proved her mettle and showed that Indian women are no less. She jumped into the WWE ring with all her might. Notably, after marriage she wanted to quit playing, but with her husband’s support she continued playing post her marriage and brought many laurels to India.”

In 2021, it was reported that Devi was released by WWE, but she disputed the report. Devi had been back in India with her husband who had developed COVID-19, and she was also recovering from an ACL injury.

Devi previously noted that she and WWE were trying to reach a new agreement, but nothing has been announced as of yet. Devi has not wrestled since July 2019.