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Photo Credit: CNBC

Report: Vince McMahon Has Been Making Changes To WWE Remotely

A new report shines some light on the changes WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has made to WWE shows in recent months.

McMahon returned to WWE, after he had retired amid allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money, in January 2023. As previously reported, McMahon made significant changes to WWE TV around WrestleMania weekend, as he was present at the events, and the situation caused a drop to backstage morale. However, he has not been backstage since.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reports that McMahon has regularly been making changes to WWE shows remotely as he sees fit, though he hasn’t been backstage. Per Sapp, the roster has been assured that Triple H is still the WWE Chief Content Officer, but McMahon has made changes as he sees fit. Sapp cited sources who noted that when McMahon calls in remote changes, he does so with “heavy alterations.” However, some talent have stated that they still have more flexibility with their promos than they did during the previous regime.

Sapp also wrote that, according to sources, things have improved since McMahon was around, though they are still “on guard”, considering the possibility that McMahon could show up again.

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