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Image Credit: WWE

Cody Rhodes Challenges Brock Lesnar On 5/29 WWE RAW

Following his loss at Night of Champions, Cody Rhodes is ready to face off against Brock Lesnar any time, any place, and anywhere.

During an in-ring segment during the May 29 episode of WWE RAW, Rhodes reflected on his loss to Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions. He noted that his fellow WWE superstars told him he was foolish to try and face Lesnar hurt, but that he didn’t tap out even when he could have, because that isn’t the man he wants to be. 

Rhodes then revealed that he had a question for Lesnar. Cody faced the camera and said that he knows Lesnar is off on his “annual vacation,” and asked if Lesnar was satisfied with being done. Rhodes said to him, the two are tied 1-1, and that he wants to settle their feud with another match.

Cody ended his message by saying that Lesnar is not man enough to make him tap out, and Lesnar refusing the challenge would show that he was scared of “The American Nightmare.”

Rhodes previously scored a win over Lesnar at WWE Backlash. Lesnar picked up a tainted win over Cody by beating him when he had a broken arm at WWE Night of Champions.

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