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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Samoa Joe: AEW Collision Offers Up Opportunities To Showcase More Talent

Samoa Joe is ready for AEW Collision.

In less than three weeks, AEW will host the premiere of their brand-new television show, Collision. As previously revealed by AEW President Tony Khan, the first episode will emanate from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, June 17.

Ahead of Collision’s debut, Samoa Joe — one of the advertised headliners — appeared on The Kick Rocks podcast to discuss the exciting opportunity.

“Obviously, it’s exciting to kind of add another show to the lineup for AEW. Doing Saturday night wrestling, obviously, if the model was anything like it has been in the past, I would kind of believe some of those [negative] comments. But it’s a very different world in a very different environment. I think Saturday nights are a really great night. I’ve always enjoyed events that I’ve seen on Saturday nights,” Joe said.

“So, to have the opportunity to kind of give a lot of the roster maybe doesn’t get enough time throughout the week and kind of showcase a lot of the talent that we’ve had. And I think that’s kind of a valid criticism where when you look at the AEW roster and you look up and down that roster and you see the tremendous talent and athletes. There’s almost not enough time to see them all. And I think AEW Collision will be able to definitely expand the fan experience as far as the wrestlers that you get to see every week.”

As Samoa Joe alluded to, AEW has received some criticism for having an oversaturated roster. With such a bloated roster, many are struggling to find television time, but with two more hours of weekly programming, Joe believes it opens to door to showcase more of those underutilized talents.

“I think, for years, people have been saying they wanted to see more and different talents on AEW and have some talents have more of a chance to be showcased in a longer format. And I think Collision is going to definitely offer up those opportunities as well as bringing your favorite AEW stars to your house one more night a week.”

When host Evan Mack asked if fans could expect to see any Chicago natives on the show (implying it to be CM Punk), Samoa Joe laughed and said the crowd would soon find out.

“No, no. I’m going to be there. Anybody else in Chicago want to show up, they got an issue,” Joe said. “They can be there too, but we’re gonna find out.”

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