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Matt Cardona Flattered About Fake AEW Run Sheet, But He’s A Free Agent For A Reason

Matt Cardona is always ready, and there are a few more things on his bucket list in wrestling.

Matt Cardona, formerly Zack Ryder in WWE, has made his own name on the independent circuit and is now one of the most sought-after wrestlers in free agency.

In a new interview with T.J. Stephens of PWMania, Matt Cardona was asked about the bucket list goals he has left in the industry. He reiterated his desire to finish his story and eventually win the WWE Championship.

“Well, I mean, in general wrestling, never won the big one, never won the WWE Championship. So that’s, that’s definitely my number one. Indie-wise, I’ve been to Mexico, Japan for WWE. I would love to go there on my own. So there are some things in the works but nothing concrete yet, so I would love to do that. Listen, I will go anywhere that f*cking pays me. What I’m saying, I’m a mark for money. If you book me,, if I have that date for you, which I probably don’t, but if I do. You pay my fing full rate, and you give me that 50% deposit to advertise me I’ll f*cking be there. And have the best f*cking match on the show. And that’s it. If you’re paying me, I will be there,” he said.

Cardona was also asked about his name appearing on a faux run sheet for the upcoming AEW Collision program. Cardona said he’s happy for what All Elite Wrestling has accomplished in the industry, but unless he gets a phone call from Tony Khan relatively soon, he is still a free agent.

“I mean, come on. That was so fake. Listen, I’m flattered, I think I would be great on that show. I think AEW, what they’ve been doing is fantastic,” he said. “I mean, adding another show, prime time, incredible. It shows their growth, they’re on their way to maybe sell out Wembley Stadium, which is incredible. AEW is doing some great things, but no, that is not a true lineup. Unless Tony Khan calls me tomorrow. I mean, I’m a free agent for a reason, baby. I’m always ready. I mean, listen, I have not had a contract there. So that’s all I can say. And if the show starts this Saturday, I certainly won’t be there.”

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