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Kurt Angle On Roman Reigns: You Can’t Rely On Just One Guy

Kurt Angle comments on WWE’s creative decisions regarding Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns has held the WWE Universal Title for over 1,000 days. At WrestleMania 38 in 2022, he merged that title with the WWE Championship, which he has also held for over 400 days.

Roman has not been pinned since December 2019. Also, he made history at this year’s WrestleMania by becoming the first WWE World Champion to successfully defend his championship in the main event of three consecutive WrestleMania events and he did so in the course of one championship reign.

Speaking on a special bonus podcast on the AdFreeShows Patreon where he previewed the WWE Night of Champions 2023 event, Angle commented on the status of Roman Reigns, saying that WWE is on track to send this guy to the moon all by himself with no one else on his level.

Angle, a veteran of the ruthless aggression era with multiple top stars, had a word of caution for WWE, suggesting that perhaps they would do better than putting all their eggs in one basket.

“They’re gonna just send this guy to the frickin’ moon. All alone. There’ll be nobody else with him,” Angle said in jest. “He’ll be up on a level all alone. Nobody else can touch him. If that’s what they want to do with Roman Reigns, just remember — I mean, I’m not telling WWE what to do, just saying, you want to make other wrestlers. It’s not a bad thing to make other wrestlers the champions. You gotta build your company. You can’t rely on just one guy. I’m not saying they’re doing that with Roman, but they’re on their way to doing it.”

Roman Reigns did not come away with the WWE Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions as Jimmy Uso finally snapped and turned on Roman Reigns.

Roman is slated to address this betrayal, among other things, on the June 2 episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

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