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Matt Jackson Provides Detailed Update On His Bicep Injury

Matt Jackson had a grueling two-and-a-half-month journey to get ready for Double or Nothing with a partially torn bicep.

Following a successful return on Sunday at AEW Double or Nothing in an Anarchy in the Arena match, Matt Jackson took to social media to speak about the timetable of the initial injury and what it took for him to be ready to return to the ring in time for the pay-per-view.

“I got hurt about 10 weeks ago, literally on day one of the beginning of a very important story that we started. I was told there was a good chance I wouldn’t be cleared to perform again for 6-7 months after surgery. Surgeons insisted I get the muscle repaired immediately. I opted not to do surgery, but rather try other therapeutic options that’d get me back quicker. I had faith that through proper rehabilitation, supplementation & prayer, I’d be back wrestling with a target goal of Double or Nothing.

“There was clearly a lot of doubt, but I wasn’t going to miss it no matter what. In fact, I wasn’t going to miss any of the events leading to it either. During the process, I lived in fear that I was making a huge mistake. That my arm would never be the same again, or that I’d lose a bunch of strength. I had anxiety and many sleepless nights, that I’d let everyone including myself down. Thankfully my wife Dana, my family, close friends, & various medical staff members supported & showed their love these past couple of months.

“And, I hit my target. Wrestling with my ELITE family by my side in Las Vegas meant so much to me because the journey there was pretty rough. Thank you to everyone who’s put up with me, my endless chatter about my rehab, and asking you to watch me flex so you can tell me how great I look. A few days removed from my first match back, my arm is great. My strength is completely back & I couldn’t be happier. Everything else on my body, including my foot? Not so much,” Matt Jackson said in an Instagram post.

Matt Jackson’s next scheduled match has yet to be announced.

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