Tony Khan
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Tony Khan Believes AEW Can Potentially Expand Its Streaming Revenue

AEW CEO Tony Khan believes there could be “great opportunities” in a potential ad-supported streaming channel for the company.

AEW currently has two television shows, and it will add a third with the premiere of AEW Collision on June 17. The company currently domestically streams its pay-per-view events on Bleacher Report. Internationally, AEW has an agreement with FITE TV for its content. However, the promotion doesn’t have a streaming platform to host its archived content in the United States.

In an interview with Variety, Khan discussed the state of AEW’s potential options for streaming.

“As we build a great library of historical content, it presents more and more opportunities for a potential FAST entry I think,” Khan said. “I think that’s a decision we need to make in part with our domestic media partners, with Warner Bros. Discovery, who have great presence in the world of streaming, and figure out what makes sense for us in terms of our partnership. Because absolutely there is money on the table for streaming pro wrestling events…So there could be great opportunities there.

“Domestically we’re still looking for the right solution, and it’s a very exciting time for us because the streaming business continues to grow here domestically and frankly the value of AEW events continues to grow. I believe as the landscape changes we can expand AEW’s streaming revenue multiple times over.”

Warner Bros. Discovery, AEW’s primary domestic broadcast partner, recently rebranded the HBO Max streaming service as MAX.

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