The Undertaker
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The Undertaker Recalls How Bret Hart Pushed Him To Be More Than A Character

The Undertaker has had plenty of classic bouts, but in a recent interview, the legend recalled one of his favorite matches against a fellow legend.  

Speaking with Ramazani Mwamba for the Manchester Evening News, The Undertaker looked back on a match he had against Bret Hart in the United Kingdom. The WWE Hall of Famer noted that Hart was a heel in the United States, but he was still viewed as a face internationally. However, throughout the course of the match, the fans shifted their allegiances to The Undertaker. 

“I remember having a match against Bret Hart and Bret in the states was a heel at the time, but everywhere else he was still a face,” The Undertaker said. “We had a match in the UK, it must have been 45 minutes and through the course of the match, one moment they’re going ‘let’s go Bret’ and two minutes later it’s ‘let’s go Taker’. It was so cool to have that kind of energy, it was just off the charts.” 

The Undertaker went on to praise Hart, and he stated that the contest was “probably” one of his “favorite matches of all time.” He explained that Hart pushed him to be “more than a character,” something he says might not have happened without Hart’s encouragement. 

“Probably one of my favorite matches of all time, it was really good. Bret pushed me to be more than a character. He pushed me into figuring out how to be the character and be a wrestler too,” The Undertaker said. “That’s something I’m really grateful to him for pushing me in that direction, because I don’t think I would have lasted as long as I did if I didn’t evolve.”

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