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Silas Mason And Pollo Del Mar Discuss Their Genuine Connection, What Makes It Work

“Thrillbilly” Silas Mason and Pollo Del Mar are ready to take their pairing to the next level at NWA Crockett Cup.

With Del Mar by his side, Silas has risen into the spotlight in the National Wrestling Alliance, and he will have a major opportunity when he challenges EC3 for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at NWA Crockett Cup.

In an interview with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Mason and Del Mar were asked to describe how they balance each other out. “Thrillbilly” noted that Del Bar was the beauty, and he was the beast, and every great man has a great woman behind him. He highlighted Del Mar’s own greatness. Specifically, he described how Del Mar has been helping him in a number of ways, and he credited Pollo with his rise to success on social media.

“Well, you have the beauty with Pollo and you got the beast with Big Daddy Thrill, even though ain’t too — I’m pretty easy on the eyes,” Mason said. “That’s what I’m saying, baby. Behind very great man is a great woman. I’m the greatest man who’s ever lived, bar none. So, think about how great Pollo is. Pollo has been helping me out a lot, too. Not just with how she was scouting out the venue, how she’s doing all that. Man, I didn’t know anything about how to do the Twitter or how to do the Instagrams or any of that stuff. She’s been the one who’s been instrumental in my rise to success on those platforms and just her brain about the history of the wrestling business, about scouting out opponents.”

Mason continued by stating that even the best athletes had to be coached to get to where they are, and for “Thrillbilly”, Pollo helps him understand the playbook and gameplan. With that in mind, he stated that Pollo helps him get everything he wants in the NWA.

“It’s one of those things, any athlete has to be a great athlete,” Mason said. “You got Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, you got Randy Moss, you got Jerry Rice. They had to be coached to get to where they were. They have to game plan. They have to understand the playbook. And that’s something that Pollo brings to the table. She ain’t just this beautiful, dazzling specimen to gaze upon. Women are more than objects, Bill. You need to get that right, okay? She’s got a brain behind those pretty, pretty eyes of hers, and she puts it to good use, getting me everything I want and more in the National Wrestling Alliance.”

Pollo weighed in by stating that while some people may have seen them as a comedy act, it’s not accurate to put them in that box. Del Mar called Mason an “all-encompassing person” that has layers, as he gets the job done in the ring, but he also has a “dazzling” personality in multiple ways.

“To your question, though, and that’s all very true, everything that the Thrillbilly says is always true,” Del Mar said. “If he tells you that the sun ain’t gonna shine tomorrow morning, you better wake up with a flashlight, honey, because it’s the truth. But one of the things that I think you’re alluding to is that people saw us as a comedy act. And that may be true to some people. They might find our comedic style and to their liking.

“But the problem, I think, of professional wrestling is too often is people are only seen as one thing or another. People are trying to put them in unnecessary boxes. The reality of what you see when Thrillbilly Silas Mason walks into the ring is that he is an all-encompassing person. He will not only crack you up when you’re hanging out at the bar and before the show because he is just an absolute dazzling personality to go with those good looks. But then he will take your ass in the ring and whoop it three ways to Sunday.”

Del Mar went on to describe how people underestimate her, but she brings a lot to the table. She highlighted her background as a historian on professional wrestling and specifically the NWA. Del Mar also stated that the combination of her and Silas is combustible in the best way.

“Just because he can make you chuckle doesn’t mean he can’t put a hurtin’ on you. Just the same, people look at me and they want to underestimate what I can bring to the world of professional wrestling,” Del Mar said. “Well, I’m not just the most glamorous person in all of the National Wrestling Alliance.

“I’m also, as you well know, as somebody who contributed to your very website for a number of years, I am a veritable historian on professional wrestling, specifically the National Wrestling Alliance in all of the southern territory wrestling that has contributed to its long and illustrious history. So, when you put two people like the Thrillbilly Silas Mason and the lovely Pollo Del Mar together, yes, it is a combustible in the best possible way, combination.”

Pollo described how the duo’s success stems from what the viewer can see in their interactions, as they have distinct personalities. She noted that they turn them up on television, but their chemistry is genuine, even when the cameras aren’t rolling. Del Mar noted that fans can pick up on something that’s not genuine, but what she has with Silas is real.

“You have to understand as well, though, the fact one of the reasons why we have been a runaway success in many terms in the National Wrestling Alliance is because what you see from us in terms of our interactions, in terms of our personalities — yes, of course we’re going to turn up the volume when we step onto television because that’s what we do,” Del Mar said. “We can’t go through life just titillating the audiences at the local Starbucks or be down at the Waffle House with Big Daddy Thrill kicking people’s asses. Of course, you have to turn the volume up on television, but people and audiences are responding because what we are doing is genuinely who you’re going to run into an encounter with some tweaks.

“When we’re out on the street, people see and recognize us because we have a genuine chemistry when we’re around each other. People comment on it when they see us in public together. It’s a situation that cannot be faked. And no matter how people want to deride the average professional wrestling fan’s intelligence, they can certainly pick up on something that is not authentic. What you see with Big Daddy Thrill is what you get, and we can’t wait to put that national title around it so you get that, too.”

Shifting back to his quest for the NWA National Championship, Mason teased that he could take the title worldwide. He noted that, though he doesn’t like Australins’ coffee, they practically took him in as a second son during the NWA’s tour there. Mason made it clear that he and Del Man have multitudes, as he agreed with del Mar’s sentiment that they are complex characters.

“Exactly, man. I’ll tell you this,” Mason said. “These Australians here, they took me in almost as a second son. I didn’t care too much for their coffee, didn’t care too much for the Vegemite or whatever. But you want to go on with the National title, Thrillbilly can take the National title worldwide, baby. But another thing in terms of the top guys with comedy and stuff like that, Stone Cold was a pretty funny guy. When he balked Vince in the head with that bedpan, that was pretty funny. When The Rock was sitting there doing the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis and he gets that mandible claw in his mouth, that was pretty funny.

“We contain multitudes, Bill. Someone can be funny one minute and serious as a heart attack the next. I mean, I thought it was pretty funny when I drank that guy’s blood in the ring. I got a chuckle out of it. Whether or not other people have found my sense of humor to their liking or not, well, that’s on them. But, look in my eyes, see if I care what too many other people think. The only person I care about who thinks is my woman [Pollo].”

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WrestleZone will have coverage of NWA Crockett Cup as it airs on FITE on June 3 and 4.

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