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Madi Wrenkowski Details Her Road To Recovery From Two Metacarpal Fractures

Madi Wrenkowski discussed her road to recovery after she suffered two metacarpal fractures.

Wrenkowski, currently one-half of the reigning NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions, missed a few months of action when she had surgery in May 2022. She returned to the ring in August, but the journey back wasn’t easy.

In an interview with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Wrenkowski detailed her road to recovery. Wrenkowski noted that she has metal in her hands, and she joked that she could use that to her advantage. She then admitted that the recovery was tough, and sitting on the sidelines made her angry. Wrenkowski then stated that the experience put a chip on her shoulder.

“What most people don’t know is it was kind of strenuous recovery process,” Wrenkowski said. “From the time it broke. And from the time that I was able to get the cast, so to speak, I wasn’t able to lift more than five pounds for about two months with my left hand and it was practically dead. I couldn’t like to move my fingers up down. So now I have metal in my hands. I feel like that’s something they need to look out for as it is maybe to my advantage.

“But the recovery was tough. It’s just always something that I know is there, but I know isn’t going to bother me. But yeah, I think it just kind of made me angrier to have that someone who broke my hand and to have to watch everyone kind of keep going while I had to sit on the sidelines, I feel like it put a chip on my shoulder just a little bit so I’ll just harbor that every time I feel my hand.”

When the possibility of handling the injury like WWE legend “Cowboy” Bob Orton, Wrenkowski noted that she thought about it, but doing so might have been very painful.

“I thought about it coming back. I definitely did,” she said. “But it might have actually really hurt.”

Madi then discussed the connection between her injury and Mission Pro; she stated that one of the “side characters” who didn’t know how to wrestle broke her nose. She joked that no one should tell Mission Pro that, as Jasmine may have been responsible for her injury in the storyline.

“You get again, these side characters don’t know how to wrestle,” Wrenkowski said. “And I basically got hit in the nose, and someone broke my nose. So it was a little bit of both because I was out, but it was not a car. But don’t tell Mission Pro it still might have been Jasmine. That part I will not disclose. But yes, someone did break my nose.”

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