Billy Corgan
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Billy Corgan Has Resisted Taking Outside Money To Help Fund The NWA

Billy Corgan wants to find a television partner for the National Wrestling Alliance but wants to ensure it’s the right fit.

National Wrestling Alliance owner Billy Corgan recently sat down with Jan Murphy of the Toronto Sun to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what the next step is in the re-evolution of the NWA, Corgan said it comes down to finding a television partner.

“I think it’s always been the most obvious elephant in the room, which is to land some sort of television broadcast partner that will allow us to continue to grow and reach a bigger audience,” Billy Corgan said. “We’ve been with YouTube, then we were behind the paywall with [FITE].

“We still work with FITE on the pay-per-view side, but we’ve seen certainly even in the last five years, the incredible expanse of digital sports media. We have this impending deal coming or it’s already done with the AEW and of course WWE with Endeavor. So suddenly, my play in the market doesn’t look so crazy. So we just continue to position ourselves for the right broadcast partner.”

When it comes to finding a television partner for the National Wrestling Alliance, Corgan said he’s taking his time trying to find the right one and has resisted taking outside money to help make things happen.

“I’ve resisted taking any outside money, so it’s 100% self-funded so that way if I do find the right partner, I don’t have to bring somebody else along and convince them that it’s good idea,” Billy Corgan said. “And then secondarily, I resisted taking sea level deals just to sort of puff my chest and say, ‘See I’m with Bob’s BBQ Network.’ You know what I mean?”

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