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Natalya On Potentially Ending Her Career In Calgary: It’s Like That Perfect Fairy Tale Ending

Natalya would love to end her WWE career in her hometown of Calgary.

RAW Superstar Natalya recently sat down with Jan Murphy of the Calgary Herald to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about WWE returning to Canada this summer, Nattie spoke about how much love she feels anytime the company comes up north.

“I feel so loved in any part of Canada, when I go to Winnipeg, when I’m in Ottawa, when I’m in Montreal or Toronto, not just Calgary,” Natalya said. “Obviously, Calgary is the most special to me, but I just feel loved and I always feel at home. I think Canadians have a way of being loyal. I think Bret really embodied that loyalty.

“Bret was always so loyal. He never moved away from Calgary and he always had this extreme loyalty to his roots and to Canada. I admire that so much. I think my travel schedule would be insane if I lived in Calgary. But Bret always wanted to travel the extra miles so that he could stay living there. The loyalty of Canadians is just unmatched. It truly is. They’re so loyal, they always remember that you’re part of them. I appreciate that so much.”

When asked about her love for Calgary specifically, Nattie said she’d love to move back there full-time in the future and spoke about the loyalty she feels to that city and the fact that WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart has lived there his entire life.

“I love Calgary,” Natalya said. “I wouldn’t be hesitant to move back there full time. It’s just with my career in WWE, it was always just so much easier to live a little bit closer to where we work. TJ and I have a home in Calgary. We have a home in Calgary and we have a home in Florida. We have lots of family there.

“To me, Bret showed a massive amount of loyalty and dedication in living there. He could have lived anywhere in the world that he wanted to, but he traveled and traveled thousands of extra miles so that he could come home to Calgary because that’s where his heart was. When we think about Canadians, we think about how loyal they are, but that’s really Bret.

“Bret embodies what I feel like Canadians are, which is extremely, fiercely loyal. Whether it’s loyal to a hockey team, whether it’s loyal to their favorite restaurant, whether it’s loyal to their favorite pub, loyal to their favorite athlete, when I think Canada, I think loyalty.”

When asked about the possibility of wrestling her WWE retirement match in her hometown of Calgary, Nattie admitted that every wrestler’s dream is to pick their own ending.

“I mean, that’s the dream of every wrestler, I think, to be able to pick their ending, to pick the day that they don’t want to do this anymore or the day that they want to retire or the day,” Natalya conceded. “It’s like that perfect fairy tale ending.

“For me, I don’t know when my last day will be, and I have no intentions of retiring anytime soon, but if I could pick a place where I would have a last match per se, I don’t think there would be a place more perfect than Calgary. And when and if that day comes — maybe I could put it out there to the wrestling gods — that that’s the place that I would like to celebrate the ending of my career.”

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