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Report: WWE Preventing AEW From Running Events In The Same Arena Within A Certain Time Period

WWE is taking extended measures to make life difficult for AEW when it comes to booking certain venues for shows. A new report from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer indicates that WWE has put clauses in its deals with arenas that book both WWE and AEW specifying that AEW cannot run within a certain number of weeks before or after a WWE show.

The report further adds that AEW and the arena both are not allowed to announce or promote the show until after the WWE show has concluded. There are numerous arenas that have hosted or will host both AEW and WWE events including venues in Detroit, Newark, Cincinnati, Greensboro, Tampa, and Dayton.

It was previously said that AEW attempted to book Madison Square Garden for an event but was turned down due to the relationship that MSG has with WWE. AEW instead decided to make Arthur Ashe Stadium their staple venue in the NYC region.

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