chris hero
Photo Credit: WWE

Chris Hero Is Not Retired From Wrestling, Says He’s ‘Currently Inactive’

Chris Hero says he expects more fanfare if and when he retires from in-ring competition.

Hero recently appeared on Fightful’s Grapsody podcast and spoke about his status in wrestling. Hero has not competed since 2020, but he maintains that he’s not retired by any means.

“If I was retired there would have been some kind of a celebration, a ceremony, a festival. A week long, month long thing. No, I’m not retired. I’m currently inactive. I just can’t stay away from wrestling in any way,” Hero explained. “So as I bide my time and wait for the right thing to come back for and start having matches again, I have kept pretty active. I’ve done a bunch of seminars, I’ve done signings, of course. Then I kind of dabbled into the world of producing. It’s funny, we use this term producing, but it’s kind of like directing. Directing is probably a better [term], but I’m not going to start calling myself a director,” he said.

Chris Hero spoke with POST Wrestling‘s Andrew Thompson last year and said he’s still waiting for the right vehicle to make his in-ring return. Hero said he’s happy with what he’s done in his career so far, but still wants to help change things where he can.

Hero recently announced that he was West Coast Pro Wrestling’s new matchmaker.