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Taya Valkyrie: GLOW Was My First Big Break In Acting, Until It Wasn’t

Taya Valkyrie almost made it big in Hollywood.

During her appearance on Hey! EW, Taya Valkyrie was asked for some insight on her role in the unaired fourth season of GLOW on Netflix. Valkyrie filmed content for the series’ final season, which was ultimately canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was my first big break in acting… until it wasn’t, until COVID decided to say [makes an ‘X’ with her fingers], ‘No! F-ck you!’ Oh sorry, I wasn’t supposed to swear,” Valkyrie quipped. “It sucks [the show got canceled]. It sucks.”

“It was so long ago, I probably don’t remember any of my lines. Do you want to hear about the whole entire wrestling match? I can give you that,” Valkyrie explained. “I was wrestling Machu Picchu and the main character [Zoya/Ruth, played by] Alison Brie and it was great. And unfortunately, no one will ever get to see that because it is locked away in a vault at Netflix.”

GLOW’s fourth season was about three weeks into production before it was canceled. Netflix claimed shooting a physically intimate show during the pandemic presented too many challenges, adding that a two-plus year gap between seasons would have lost an audience.

Taya Valkyrie previously shared details about her character, telling the Jobbing Out podcast what fans could have seen on air.

“Yeah, I could talk about it because the show’s been canceled now for over a year,” Taya Valkyrie said. “But I was basically kind of like a rocker biker chick. And I had a tag partner, and we were like leather jackets, leather hats, and it was very like Luna Vachon kind of style hair, and it was very cool. It was so fun, and it’s so sad. Like that was like my first big Hollywood victory and for it to just fall apart in front of me. Due to the pandemic, it’s pretty… I don’t know.”

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