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Photo Credit: WWE / Peacock

Rhea Ripley Gave Natalya A Birthday Present: ‘Do You Know How Many People Want To Get Pinned Like That?’

Rhea Ripley was in a giving mood at WWE Night Of Champions.

Ripley beat Natalya in less than two minutes in Saudi Arabia. She spoke about the circumstances of her dominant win on the Battleground Podcast, telling host Tim Battle that it was very fitting.

“Yeah, I saw that it was like 69 seconds,” Ripley said, “so I was like [thinking it was] very fitting.” [laughs] 

Asked about spoiling Natalya’s birthday, Rhea had another view of the situation. 

“I mean, I gave her a birthday present,” Ripley noted. “You know how many people want to get pinned like that? Happy Birthday, Nattie!” 

Rhea Ripley doesn’t have an opponent for WWE Money In The Bank (yet), but she’s open to any and all challengers.

“Anyone. Anyone and everyone. I know I have a target on my back. Anyone that wants to get in the ring with me for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, whoever steps up to the plate, that’s who it is. They are going to feel my brutality and they’re going to realize why I am at the top of the foodchain. I don’t really care who it is. They can try and prove a point, they can try and make a name for themselves, whoever it is,” Ripley explained, “But at the end of the day, Mami’s always on top.”

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